• Compression Overview

We offer complete contract compression solutions. “Give us the inlet and outlet pipe – we’ll do the rest – from installation to operation!”

We provide fleet management; a compressor just comes with the service package!

CDM distinguishes itself from the competition with a 98% mechanical availability guarantee on compression services. The downtime clock begins the instant a compressor shuts down. All preventive maintenance and scheduled overhauls are included in CDM downtime. CDM does not charge additional fees for non-mechanical shutdowns, daily operations, call-out alarms or first-call responses. CDM’s loyal customer base knows that CDM technicians deliver what is promised, and consistently maintain and exceed CDM’s 98% mechanical availability guarantee. CDM’s 98% mechanical availability guarantee on land installations and 96% mechanical availability guarantee on water installations.

Other Companies Promise Service. We Prove It!

Analyze. Plan. Install.

CDM is responsible for the installation and ongoing operation, service and repair of equipment. Analyze. Plan. Install. is the CDM business model for facility optimization. Before CDM deploys equipment, a thorough review of our customer’s gas compression needs is conducted, including compression sizing, compression placement, fuel costs, gas conditions, compression ratios, and customer production plans. Our sales process includes a thorough engineering study that can increase overall efficiency; it is not just simply a quote based on $/HP/month. CDM provides a cost saving, production enhancing solution that benefits the customer and offers a win-win solution.


  • Advanced performance site analysis optimizes facility efficiency
  • “Big picture” assessment of customer’s end goal determines the proper equipment and placement


  • Proper sizing involves more information than suction pressure and discharge pressure
  • Pipe size affects pressure efficiency
  • Sufficient separation is necessary (and sometimes overlooked) 
  • Pressures and temperatures must be verified and qualified


  • Knowledgeable field crews
  • Experienced Account and Project Managers
  • Safety First  - No Excuses 

CDM’s Full-Service Monthly Contract Includes:

  • Field assessment to determine most efficient horsepower configuration
  • Quarterly review and report of HP utilization
  • Quarterly emissions testing
  • Training for strategic customer’s employees (complimentary with customer responsible only for hotel and meal)
  • Runtime guarantee – 98% for land installations; 96% over-water installations
  • Call outs – first call
  • 1-hour response time guarantee (inclement weather may cause slight delays)
  • Wear parts and daily consumables
  • Parts inventory on location
  • Satellite alarm system on all units – automated reporting
  • Fiscal schedule of all compression maintenance, overhauls and downtime
  • Oil sample report for all units 300 HP and above
  • Runtime report with explanation of any downtime – internet based
  • Insurance
  • Sales tax
  • Lube oil / antifreeze
  • Emission upgrades to meet Quad J / Quad Z compliance

CDM does not charge extra fees for non-mechanical shutdowns, daily operations, call-out alarms or first-calls.


Other services available include:

  • Production Equipment-Inlet Separators, Dehy’s, Header Skids, Treating Equipment, etc. available for purchase or included in monthly rate
  • Turnkey midstream facilities, construction, installation and operations
  • Maintenance and operation of customer-owned equipment
  • Current compression facility optimization and utilization studies
  • Field evaluations for new and existing compression

Applications include:

  • Wellhead
  • Gas Lift
  • Pipeline [Midstream]
  • Gas Gathering & Storage
  • Gas Transmission
  • Fuel Gas Boosters
  • Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)