• Compression Fleet

CDM Standard Compressor Packages are Built for the Long Run.

Built to last. That’s how we design and manufacture our compressor packages. We can consistently achieve more than 98% runtime because we actively oversee every aspect of our fleet’s design, installation, operation and service.

Our compressor fleet has built in flexibility. CDM compression packages are designed for multiple stages—up to 4-stage, placed on an oversized skid and built standard with adjustable parts to:

  • Quickly adjust to changing field conditions
  • Minimize mechanical vibration and reduce pulsation
  • Enhance safety
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Minimize downtime
  • Simplify installation and provide ease of operation 

More than 70% of CDM’s fleet has been in service for less than 10 years. Operating a late-model fleet ensures lower fuel usage, less downtime and years of superior service to come.

Our Standard Compressor Packages Include:

  1. Sidestream connection on interstages
  2. Relief valves
  3. Stainless steel braided shipboard cable
  4. One inch heat trace line through scrubbers
  5. Insulated scrubbers and dump lines
  6. Vibracons
  7. Oversized and galvanized coolers
  8. Walk stands and cooler catwalks
  9. Sole plates
  10. Lifting eyes and pull bars
  11. Breakout flanges

Made from nothing but the best!


Each compressor package uses only OEM quality compressor equipment and parts from the best in the industry, including:

  1. Ariel Compressor Frames
  2. Cat® Gas Engines
  3. Harsco Air X-changers Air Coolers

By maintaining this brand consistency, CDM operators and technicians become experts with the equipment and are very efficient at maximizing runtime for our customers.