• Safety & Environment

Surpassing the standards of Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) guidelines is our top priority. We work closely with local, state and federal agencies to ensure our facilities and operations meet or exceed regulatory requirements. In addition, we incorporate economic success and environmental excellence into our decision-making processes.

We have an emissions team designated to performing regularly scheduled testing and monitoring of all units, ensuring each unit’s emission levels are within acceptable limits as defined by EPA regulations. The emissions team also works closely with operations to ensure Quad J / Quad Z compliance on all compressor packages.

Our safety team develops safety initiatives each year to continuously refine its safety processes and enhance its program. Our current safety initiatives have helped our safety record to be one of the industries lowest and include:

  1. Safety Incentive Program with friendly competitions among regional safety teams throughout the year
  2. Performance Evaluations with safety weighing 20 percent
  3. Safety Meetings (required monthly at bare minimum)
  4. Job Safety Analyses (JSA) are required on all jobs and are completed before the start of each job.
  5. Safety Audit Program - enhanced formally documented program with more a strategic safety approach
  6. Lockout / Tagout is completed for all sources of fuel before work is started on a compressor unit
  7. Vehicle Policy compliance is met before operating any company vehicle or personal vehicle on company time
  8. FRC uniforms provided to employees
  9. Safety Course Training with the following courses:
    • Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan (DOT)
    • Anti-Drug Plan (DOT)
    • Bloodborne Pathogens Program
    • Confined Space Entry Program
    • Defensive Driving
    • Ergonomics
    • Fall Protection Program
    • Fire Prevention Program
    • First Aid/CPR Program
    • Forklift Safety
    • Hazardous Gas Program
    • Hazard Communication Program
    • Hearing Conservation Program
    • Incident Reporting and Investigation Program
    • Lockout/Tagout Program (Hazardous Energy Control)
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program
    • Respiratory Protection Program
    • Welding Safety

Our stringent safety program is supported at every level of the company, from the top, down. We have safety teams assigned to each of our regions who provide valuable resources and hands-on training, ensuring all safety standards comply with company, customer, local and federal requirements.

Safety training is required for all CDM employees, including temporary or contract employees. During our training, more than 20 safety topics are covered, including OSHA-required training. Our natural gas compression technicians also complete a minimum of 90 days of hands-on training in the field to ensure they are completely knowledgeable. In addition to our routine safety meetings, impromptu safety meetings are conducted any time an unfamiliar situation occurs in order to avoid a possible incident.

Strategic safety objectives include:

  • OSHA safety training compliance
  • Safety program documentation
  • Customer compliance
  • Incident reporting and risk analysis
  • Safety audit program