• History

CDM Resource Management LLC (formerly CDM Resource Management, Ltd.) was founded in 1997 by former employees of Production Operators, Inc. (“POI”). POI developed the concept of contract compression during the 1960s, and CDM’s founders were instrumental in advancing innovation within the compression industry. CDM installed its first equipment in June 1997 and this equipment continues in service today. Since then, CDM has installed compression from California to Pennsylvania and grown to a company of more than 400 employees operating more than 1,000,000 horsepower of compression.


We are proud of our team at CDM. Our employees have made our company what it is today because of their expertise and dedication. In addition to being well-trained and thoroughly experienced, we believe our workforce is one of the most passionate and loyal in the industry. CDM was named one of the Top Workplaces by the Houston Chronicle in 2010.

Our customers appreciate that our team delivers what we promise. We focus on building strategic relationships with customers and have enjoyed collaborative, long-standing relationships with many of them since the first equipment was set-up in 1997.

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