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We TRAIN with the best in the industry.

That’s why WE ARE THE BEST in the industry!

CDM provides OEM Certification Training to all employees.

CDM technicians are dedicated to the success of our customers’ natural gas compression systems and business. As valuable assets to customer operations, our technicians offer excellent problem solving skills, are experts in the equipment utilized and improve customer revenue generation through our daily operations.

CDM technicians have the ability, on a day-to-day, real-time basis, to maximize compression throughput by moving the optimum amount of gas, while minimizing horsepower and fuel consumption. We promote continuous evaluation of field conditions, from the wellhead to the sales point, not just flange-to-flange.

Well-trained, experienced and loyal, CDM technicians are passionate about providing complete compressor operation and maintenance services. CDM offers continuous in-house training as well as OEM certification training. Continuing Education courses are a combination of Hands-On Field Training and Mechanical / Technical Classroom Study / Lecture.

In-House Technical Training 

CDM offers very extensive technical training to our employees, as well as opportunities for customer involvement. Courses average three to four days and include topics such as compression, engines, troubleshooting and electrical.

Our course offerings are as follows:

  • Adem III Systems Training
  • Advanced Electrical
  • Advanced Compressor - Ariel
  • Basic I
  • Basic II
  • Basic III
  • Basic Electrical Panels
  • Coupling Alignment
  • Emissions OTJ (On-The-Job) Training
  • EMIT / Aitronic Treating
  • Gas 1 Engines
  • G35000 ULB Engine
  • Overhaul  OTJ (On-The-Job) Training
  • Sales Training
  • Supervisor Orientation Training (SOT)

ARIEL Compressor Training

Ariel Corporation product training is available exclusively to Ariel customers and their employees. This training includes Ariel distributors, Ariel packagers and Ariel end-users who own, lease and service Ariel equipment. Training takes place at the Ariel manufacturing facility in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Ariel Corporation offers different product training courses to meet the needs of each employee or customer. Designed by product trainers, each course varies in topic and instruction, and consists of both classroom lectures and hands-on training. Courses include:

  • Basic Product Training
  • Compressor Mechanics School
  • Process Compression
  • Technical School
  • Field Basic Products Training
  • Rotary Mechanics School

CATERPIILLAR Engine Training

Caterpillar training is available to Caterpillar dealers through a service called HOLT ProTech! Basic to intermediate level training is held at select Caterpillar certified Regional Dealer Learning Center (RDLC) facilities in San Antonio, Texas, and Dallas, Texas; Advanced training is held in Peoria, Illinois. These centers offer hands-on experience with Caterpillar® engines and equipment, including the most advanced electro-hydraulic and electronically controlled engine systems.

All classes, from introductory to advanced subject matter, are led by Caterpillar-certified instructors. These instructors guide students through a variety of classes and teach them to service, repair, operate and maintain Caterpillar® equipment. Class sizes are limited to ensure each student receives appropriate instruction.

During each course at HOLT ProTech!, participants are given the opportunity to reinforce their learning, as well as gauge knowledge and proficiency through written and performance assessments. Participants also receive a written performance report card and a valuable, comprehensive training manual to keep at the end of each session. In addition, participants receive their certification for the course upon completion.

CDM offers the following Caterpillar training courses to employees:

  • 3600 Gas Engines Master Mechanics
  • G3500 Petroleum Gas Engine
  • Gas 1 Engine
  • Gas 2 Engine
  • 3600 ADEM III Controls
  • Natural Gas Engines